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March 27, 2014

Special Post - Chili Cook-Off 2014

I have never completed with my food before, but this past February, the bar I play darts out of (Flanagan's Longwood) had a Chili Cook-Off. Myself, as well as some friends, decided to participate.  I love my chili!  But I am not a chili connoisseur.  I eat what I like, and I have been making chili the way my mom makes it for years and years.  I make Texas chili, no beans, all ground beef.  And it's spicy - - - And has beer!  You can find my recipe here.
But I told my dear readers at the beginning of the year that I am branching out culinarily, and competing in a food competition seemed fun and out of my normal realm.  
We had a great time!  I tried lots and lots of different chilis.  I believe there were 21 entries altogether.  My little group consisted of me, my girlfriend Darci, my girlfriend Sarah, and my boy Meatball (who I have previously mentioned in these posts and is an excellent home cook).  Sarah got 2nd place!!! We were so proud of her, and even though the rest of us didn't place, all the chilis were yummy and it was so much fun. 
I don't know if I would compete again.  I might, depending what the dish is.  Here are some pictures from the Flanagan's Chili Cook-Off!

My chili in my crock*pot

Sarah with her 2nd place win!

Good friends, making some chili! (Meatball, Darci, Me, Sarah)

My chili in a bowl

Getting samples ready for the judges

Lots of contestants!

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