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August 16, 2011

Food Truck Love

Recently I have become OBSESSED with food trucks.  I don't know exactly where the fascination began, but I am plowing full steam ahead in to this new culinary adventure.  I watch The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network.  I also love a show called Street Eats on the Cooking Channel because it features tons of food trucks in all different areas.
Last week I began researching the Orlando food truck scene.  Turns out, it is WAY bigger than I had even imagined.  There are events they call Food Pods where food trucks meet up once a week at a specified location.  These "pods" aren't actual fairs or anything that's sponsored, just several food trucks in one location.  There are also Food Truck Bazaars.  These events take place once or twice a month, are advertised on Facebook, Twitter, the radio, and a local website called thedailycity.com.
I began following many of the local Orlando food trucks on Twitter.  I wanted to investigate where they were located, if they were attending these food truck events, how long they've been around, what their menus were, etc.  Then I looked to see if they had pages on Facebook, and if they did, clicked "like".  I searched for web pages that the food trucks had created.  While many of them have Twitter and/or Facebook, not as many had actual web pages. 
Then last Friday, 8/12/11, I decided it was time to try my first Orlando food truck.  It did not disappoint.  So what I have decided to do is use this blog, my food blog, to talk about my Food Truck Adventures.  I'll talk about individual trucks I eat at, the Food Truck Bazaars I attend, any food pods I have a chance to go to, and more.  My next post will in fact be about my first Orlando food truck.  So make sure you check back for that post!  And I of course will still post my recipes, with pictures, because my passion encompasses EVERYTHING food related.

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