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September 3, 2013

Restaurant Review 15 - Victorio's Oyster Bar & Grille

When talking about overcoming my food fears, I can safely tell you for 20+ years of my life I was TERRIFIED of raw meat and seafood.  As I became a more intense foodie, I realized I was going to have to overcome some of my food fears, and this included being able to eat raw meats/fish.  I was close to 30 before I ate raw oysters, tuna, and other seafoods for the 1st time.  I still have trouble eating some foods raw (mostly because of a texture issue, not necessarily because they're raw), but I LOVE raw tuna and oysters!
This brings me to the reason for my post... Victorio's Oyster Bar and Grille.  It's a restaurant that started in Longwood, FL and since has expanded to several locations in the metro Orlando area, including in Apopka, Titusville, and Oviedo.  My buddy Ed recently started working there, and after hearing how delicious the food is from several people, my boyfriend and I ventured over to the Apopka location.
Victorio's has an extensive menu, and if you want a sneak peak check it out at: Victorio's Menu
On my visit we started with... OYSTERS!  I prefer them raw to steamed or fried.  We got a dozen, at a fairly reasonable price of $9.95 (***disclaimer: this price can change according to current market prices).  They were HUGE!  I believe they were in from Louisiana, and I'm not going to lie, I had to cut a couple in half to eat them they were so large.  But they were fresh, cold, sweet, and juicy.  Topped with lemon, cocktail sauce, and horseradish (my condiments of choice) they were divine and a great starter.  Definitely get the oysters if you go, whether you get them raw, steamed, or fried, they are worth it.
For my entree I enjoyed the shrimp alfredo.  It was a huge portion of pasta that could have easily made two or three meals.  I brought some home and had it as my lunch the next day.  There were 6 large shrimp included, and from what I understand the sauce is made from scratch on premises everyday.  My dinner was also accompanied by garlic knots, and if you don't know, I'm a sucker for a good garlic knot.
My date ordered the unlimited fish and chips.  You can eat as much fish and chips as you like for 9.99.  The fish was fresh and flaky and fried to crisp perfection.  I tried the tarter sauce and it was scrumptious.  
Victorio's also has Italian food as well as the seafood options.  I've heard pretty good things about their pizzas and calzones.  I've also seen coupons for the restaurant so if you're on a budget, keep a look out,
For more info about the restaurant and its locations, visit their website at:

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