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February 23, 2012

Thai Villa - Restaurant Review 3

This past Saturday I visited a restaurant I have never eaten at before, Thai Villa.  I had never really eaten Thai cuisine before the last couple of years, because I had heard how spicy the food can be and I have a medium spice tolerance level.  However, in my quest to broaden my culinary horizons I've been more adventurous, and have given cuisines that have previously scared me a try.  In doing so, I have discovered that not all Thai food is mouth-numbingly spicy.
Thai Villa is located in Winter Park, off of Aloma Ave. Here is a link to their City Search page, where you can find their location and a few reviews: http://orlando.citysearch.com/profile/36468287/winter_park_fl/thai_villa_restaurant.html
I've discovered that most restaurants in this area have really good lunch specials, and Thai Villa was no exception.  Even on a Saturday (where a lot of restaurants don't always offer specials) they had box lunches that included soup, a salad, dumplings, 3 little fried things that included a veggie spring roll, crispy shrimp, and crab rangoon plus the meal of your choice and white rice.  There were a few meals to choose from in each protein category of fish, chicken, beef, and pork.
For my meal I chose the Pepper Steak, which is one of my favorite Asian dishes.  If you read my PF Changs post you may remember that.  Despite it's name, Pepper Steak is not usually spicy, just a flavorful meal that includes beef, onions, and bell peppers.
My companion for this meal ordered the Double Delight, which is chicken with chili jam, cashew, and a variety of vegetables.  He really enjoyed his chicken, it was a spicier meal than my own. 
The soup was interesting, it was labeled as Tofu & Vegetable.  The broth tasted like chicken broth and had a hint of spice that neither one of us could quite identify.  It did contain tofu, and had veggies like carrots, zucchini, and green onion.  Both of us were not a fan of the veggie dumplings, they had a strange flavor to them.  The spring roll, shrimp, and crab rangoon were all good, but nothing too different than you can get at most Asian restaurants.
All in all it was a reasonably priced restaurant, with good service, and was a decent place to go for lunch on a Saturday afternoon.  I think I would try more Thai restaurants in the area before returning however.  I was looking for something more exciting, and the food itself seemed mostly standard.

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