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January 11, 2013

Special Post #4 - Game Night

My friends and or family have been instituting game nights lately.  I love playing board and card games so I am all about this recent trend within my loved ones.  Number one, it's a cheap way to get together and have some fun, especially in this current economy.  Number two, it satisfies part of my competitive nature.  And number three, it gives me the chance to spend time with people I enjoy the most.  We play all sorts of games including card games, Catchphrase, Cranium, Scattegories, Apples to Apples, Battle of the Sexes, Dirty Minds, and are looking to forward to trying new ones.
Another part of these get togethers is the food and beverages.  We vary what we eat from simple snacks like chips and cookies, to elaborate holiday meals, to nice home cooked meals.
The last game night we went to we had quite a spread!  Our friend's Mom made all sorts of delicious dishes for us to enjoy in a sit-down dinner, and we also got to snack on veggies, chips, fudge, and cookies.
The dinner included a delicious salad with lettuce, chickpeas, radishes, cheese and other goodies I chose to eat mine with a homemade Italian dressing that was super yummy), peas, corn, cheesy potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers seasoned with herbs and garlic, breaded baked chicken tenders, and a delicious steak dish that was cube steak that was breaded and grilled (this was prepared a way I hadn't seen before and I really enjoyed it) and served with a bruschetta type tomato sauce.
It is such a treat to have a homemade meal, especially a delicious one!  There was obviously a lot of work that went in to preparing the meal for us, and I know we all enjoyed and appreciated it. I wanted to share the pictures with my readers in this special post, because this is another aspect of food I enjoy, other people's home cooking!
Full spread (a little blurry!)

Cheesy potatoes (and corn)

Tomato and Cucumber dish

Delicious salad!

Breaded and Grilled Cube Steak (tomato sauce in background)

Baked chicken tenders

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