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September 3, 2012

Barrier Jack's-Restaurant Review 7

Once in a while I stumble on a restaurant that instantly becomes a new favorite.  Some of them are local, and some of them require a bit of travel.  During this Labor Day weekend, we took a short journey from Orlando to Cocoa Beach.  On Saturday we visited a couple of different local restaurants, and they were decent, but not instant favorites.  However, on Sunday we visited a place for breakfast that I fell in love with.  The name of this establishment is Barrier Jack's, and if you find yourself in the Cocoa Beach area, I would recommend giving it a try!
We found the restaurant while we were driving around.  All the usual chains were packed, and while Barrier Jack's was indeed busy, it had open tables outside which required no wait.  The place serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  We were there around 10am, so our group all got breakfast items.  There are many options for breakfast, including a multitude of omelette options.  You can also choose from what they call Breakfast Basics, and those have options where you can order catfish or steaks if you're looking to make your breakfast more savory.  All of our meals had plenty of food, at very economical prices.
Our server (whose name I didn't catch, but wished I had!) was absoutely delightful and very on top of everything.  We got our drinks and food relatively quickly.  She moved quickly, and remembered to ask if we needed extras such as ketchup and hot sauce.
Two of my group members ordered omelettes (which have 3 eggs), one the chili cheese omelette, and the other the shrimp and blue crab omelette.  The seafood omelette had fresh decent sized shrimp, and lumps of real blue crab.  The chili cheese omelette had homemade chili that was spicy and tasty.  Omelettes also come with a potato option (hashbrowns, home fries, or grits-which aren't potatoes but included in that option), and a bread option (several types of toast, a biscuit, a flapjack, or a bagel).  Both of them ordered home fries as their potato option, and one had toast as the bread, and the other tried a biscuit.  The home fries were fresh potatoes that were cooked correctly, with nice seasoning.
My other group member ordered the breakfast burrito which is stuffed with eggs, home fries, cheese, and your choice of meats.  You can have as many of the meats as you want, she chose ham and bacon.  You can also get the burrito vegetarian.  It is served with salsa, sour cream, and lettuce.
I went with the chicken fried steak as my breakfast.  It also came with a potato option and a bread option.  I went with a biscuit for my bread, and hashbrowns fo my potato.  The hasbrowns had a nice brown crispy crust, but were creamy and well seasoned underneath.  The biscuits are homemade and quite tasty. My steak was tender, and had a nicely seasoned crispy breading.  The steak was smothered in a sausage gravy that was perfectly creamy and seasoned.
I can't wait to go back for lunch  and dinner.  They have a variety of items for those meals, includng burgers, fresh seafood, and texmex.  The food is homemade, and cooked very well.  This is the type of local joint worthy of a visit.
You can find more information about Barrier Jack's at their website: http://www.barrierjacks.com/

It is located at 410 North Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931, and they do take-out, which you can call 321-784-8590 to order.

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