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May 7, 2012

Larkins Famous Subs - Restaurant Review 4

Half Of A Salami Sub At Larkin's Famous Subs And Catering
Phew!  It's been a busy past couple of months, and some of you have noticed that I haven't been posting on a weekly basis like I normally do.  I felt bad that I've neglected this site and have made a resolution to get back to my weekly posting routine.
This week we are going to talk about a restaurant, and next week I will give you guys a new recipe.  Actually two recipes, a main dish and a side dish.  So make sure your check back next week for that.
Today we are talking about a place in south Orlando, who's full title is Larkin's Famous Subs and Catering.  You can find them at 7728 Daetwyler Drive Orlando, FL 32812-4077, and reach them at  (407) 859-9634.  I could not find an actual website for them, but I did find a couple of videos on YouTube that you could check out if you wanted to see a little more about them ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hohE8_E4OhM ).
I first heard about the shop from my boyfriend's brother-in-law, who was eating there quite a bit, and raving about how good the sandwiches were.  I checked the shop out on Yelp and Urban Spoon and saw that the shop had pretty rave reviews online from other customers as well.
The Steak-O-Cheese
Salami with Provolone
It's a quaint tiny shop, with a nautical themed decor.  There are newspapers to read, and our table had a list of thought-provoking questions.  There is a big screen TV, which I believe was playing the news while we were eating.  There are some tables where you can sit down and enjoy your sandwich, or you can take your order to go.  Not only do they have sandwiches, but they have salads, and they offer daily specials such as Tuesday Tenderloin (a beef tenderloin sub) and the Beef Short Rib Special.
They are a little more expensive than your average sub shop, but the quality of ingredients are very high, and the sandwiches themselves are large.  You also get chips on the side, as well of your choice of pickles or peppers on the side (pepperoncinis).  Subs can be ordered in regular or junior, the regular being 8 inches long with a pound of meat.  Junior is 6 inches.  You can get the subs with mayo, mustard, italian dressing, tomato, lettuce, and onions included.  I also counted at least 10 salads on their menu, but that could vary. 
I did not order one of the sandwiches off the menu, I just asked for a salami sub with provolone cheese and all the toppings and they were more than happy to oblige.  My boyfriend ordered the Steak-O-Cheese, with no mustard or italian dressing.  We both had potato chips with our sandwiches, and I opted for the pickles while he opted for the peppers. 
There was so much meat on the sandwich!  We both opted for the regular (the 8 inch, 1 pounder), and I don't think we realized how big that really was.  But both sandwiches were delicious, and I ate the majority of mine (although I did leave some meat behind, it really was a lot!).   
Larkin's is a very enjoyable place, with really good service.  We received our orders surprisingly fast, the food quality was high, the subs were delicious, and the staff was friendly.  I would recommend checking them out if you're in the area, visit Yelp and Urban Spoon to see what other customers said, and check out the YouTube video I gave the link to.

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