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December 29, 2011

Food Truck Adventures 10 - Winter Park Street Food Truck Stop

As I mentioned in my post about the Silver Bistro, every Thursday evening the Winter Park Street Food Truck Stop has an event where all the trucks renting spaces that month are required to be there.  There is also live music at this event, and because the location is right near Tom & Jerry's, there is also access to beer and liquor.
On Thursday 12/15/11 I took two food truck newbies and a companion who has been with me to food truck events before to see how we liked the weekly Winter Park event.
When we arrived, there was a musician performing and I have to say, he had a really good voice.  Later, a different musician performed.
We walked around a bit, seeing what different trucks were in attendance.  The first one we tried was one I had not eaten at yet, but had been wanting to.  That was Brick and Fire Mobile Pizza Express.  Recently I had been to the actual Brick and Fire restaurant in Casselberry, so I was excited to try the food truck version of their business.
Two of us got cheese pizza.  I am more of a plain cheese pizza kind of girl.  The two guys both got the meat pizza.  All four of us enjoyed the pizza and said we would gladly eat their again.  My only complaint was that it was priced a little too high at $3 a slice for plain cheese.  It was really neat however to see a truck with a wood burning oven built in!
From there, we all split off to try different things.  One companion went to the Tastebuds cart and ordered the sampler cheese rolls.  Another companion went to Silver Bistro and ordered the Pressed Cheesesteak (which I have previously tried and loved).  My last companion and myself went to SwedeDish because although I have been there before, they had a sample plate I wanted to try, and my last companion wanted to try their Swedish Meatballs. 
The variety of cheese rolls my one companion got came with both sweet and savory items.  I tried the sweet version, which had guava in it.  In addition to ordering the Pressed Cheesesteak, my other companion also got a large basket of fries.  The companion that went with me to SwedeDish loved the meatballs (as I do as well!).
My sample plate included a couple of meatballs, a miniature version of their hot dog wrap, a small potato cupcake, and a piece of their cheese and onion pastry.  All for only $7!!! That was by far the best deal of the night.  And was pretty tasty too!  The meatballs I already knew I loved, and they came the same way they did before, with mashed potatoes, ligonberries, and the cucumbers.  The hot dog wrap is a hot dog, with krab salad AND mashed potatoes, wrapped in a thin Swedish bread.  As weird as that may sound it was absolutely delicious and I would order it as a stand alone item on my next visit.  The cheese and onion pastry was good, but a little soggy.  The potato cupcake however was also delicious, and had and interesting texture.
Although we were completely stuffed at this point, I just HAD to order something from The Crepe Company because I had not tried them yet, and I thought a sweet crepe would end the evening perfectly.  I ordered the S'mores Crepe and holy richness it was good!  A fresh made crepe spread with nutella, mini marshmallows sprinked over that, with a dusting of graham cracker crumbs on top of that, finished with a drizzle of chocolate sauce.  All I can say is WOW.  A must share item!
We all had such a great time.  The weather was really nice, the music was good, it wasn't that crowded so we didn't wait long for anything, and the food was great.  Everybody that came with me said they really liked it and would come back again.  Which, as a food truck lover/advocate, warmed my heart because I always like when I bring someone new to eat at a food truck and they want to do it again.
Visit the Winter Park Food Truck Stop!  There are many trucks there every Thursday night from 5-9pm, and don't forget, there's always at least a couple of trucks open at the Stop during lunch hours.

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