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October 31, 2014

Special Post - Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween!
Cheese Skull
Remember how much fun I told you I had at the Halloween party last year? Well this year, my friends had a party at their house again and we had even more fun than last year.  And as creative as the food was last year, it was even more creative this year!  As far as costumes, I was an evil doll (think Annabelle), the bf was Alan from the Hangover, the hosts were a witch, a clown, and an ebola victim.  There was also Cruella Deville, and her husband was the masked man.  We had a kitty, Flo from Progressive (with her husband, Jake from State Farm - hilarious!), gangsters, and a Duck Dynasty cast member.  I am always so impressed with the things people come up with!!!
Pumpkin Vomit
For food I made a cheese ball (in the shape of a skull!), that had dried beef and horseradish, something I've never made before.  My friend's (the masked man) makes a great cheese ball this way and I wanted to try it myself.  It wasn't as good as hers, but it was deemed pretty delicious by the masked man, which was a great kudos!  I also made brownies, which I tried to decorate in a spooky theme but next year I have to revamp the decor.  LoL, it came out very childlike (but the brownies - box mix - were scrumptious!).  My last contribution was snakes in a sawmp, gummy snakes soaked in sour apple vodka - creepy (and strong!).  We had pizza again, this time without the ghosts, but still yummy.  The breadstick bones were just as delicious as last year and got devoured by the end of the night.  New were sandwich rings... Yum!  We also had caesar salad.  Our gangster girl made a cheese and meat dip and had it looking like a pumpkin threw it up.  Creative and delicious!  Definitely one of my favorites.  She also made deviled eggs, some with bacon on top and some with olive "spiders".  There was a jello mold in the shape of a skull, Zombie eyeballs and toes (crockpot meatballs and lil smokies), toe cookies, taco dip with a spider web topping (made from sour cream), and puppy chow with fingers in it.  We drank a lot of apple pie (adult beverage) made by the ebola victim - I cannot tell you how amazing this drink is!  There were some rowdy round of Catchphrase, boys vs girls.  A great music playlist interspersed with horror movie clips.  It was a great time and I wish I could do it all over again this weekend!!! I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween today!
Bread Stick "Bones"

"Snakes in a Swamp"

"Toe" Cookies



Deviled Eggs

Zombie Eyeballs and Toes

Sandwich Ring

Jello Skull



Spooky Spider Taco Dip

Sandwich Ring

Puppy Chow

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