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October 1, 2011

Food Truck Adventures 5 - Gastro Truck

The Gastro Truck in Orlando is a truck full of cheesy goodness!  In continuing my quest to eat at all of Orlando's food trucks, on Friday September 9, 2011 I visited the Gastro Truck.  Through their twitter account, @GastroTina, I heard that they would be parked at the Better Business Bureau office in Longwood, FL for lunch.  I didn't have a lunch plan, so I made that my lunch plan.
I arrived at the truck at 12:45pm.  I knew they'd be closing up at 1pm so I was just in time.  I had planned to order a Cuban Done Right for my companion, and a full order of the Mac & Cheese for myself.  However, they were out of the Mac & Cheese!  I was bummed, but realized this was my fault since I hadn't gotten there til the last minute.  I ordered the Cuban Done Right as planned, but in a panic, ordered a plain grilled cheese instead of ordering one of the other sandwiches. 
While waiting for my food to be cooked, I overheard a couple of people talking and one of them mentioned that the Cuban Done Right was the best Cuban sandwich they'd ever had.  I took this as a good sign that lunch would be worth the wait. 
When you order the grilled cheese, you have a choice of cheese and bread.  I chose to have my bread as brioche, and chose cheddar as my cheese.  It was a good grilled cheese.  Nothing special, but that was my own fault since I didn't give enough thought to making my sandwich more interesting.  The bread was delicious, and the cheddar had that sharp tang that I love.
The Cuban Done Right might be amazing because it has pork belly.  Or it could be the homemade pickles, or the delightful mojo mayo they put on it.  But let's be honest, with those ingredients and the addition of ham, muenster cheese, a brioche bun, plus a side of spicy honey mustard, the sandwich has all the makings to be a great lunch.
One of the cool things while I was waiting to get my food was that they had samples of their Apples & Biscoff.  Biscoff is a spread similar to peanut butter, but made with Biscoff cookies.  It was yummy.
The Gastro Truck also offers a Pork Belly Grilled Cheese (which I would have gotten had I not tripped myself up - I will get it next time!) as well as a sandwich they call Apple Harvest.  The Apple Harvest has apples, cheddar and honey.  But I'll talk about that more when I tell you about my trip to my second Food Truck Bazaar at the Oviedo Mall. 
Also, as a side note, I finally got to try the Mac & Cheese from the Gastro Truck at my second adventure to the Food Truck Bazaar.
The Mac & Cheese at Gastro Truck comes in two sizes, a full order and a half order.  This truck also carries desserts, the Apples & Biscoff being one, and S'mores Cookie Bars being the other.  Their beverage selection includes Pom-Berry Lemonade, Peach-Mango Tea, bottled water, and a variety of sodas (including cream soda, which I love!).  My Food Truck Bazaar companion ordered the Peach-Mango tea and we'll talk about that more later.
The prices at the Gastro Truck are fairly reasonable.  And the woman who was taking orders outside the truck was very nice, and thanked everyone by name for eating there.  The wait for the food to be done both times was a little longer than I normally like, but I've come to expect that at food trucks, especially at the bigger gatherings. 
For more information, definitely check out the Gastro Truck's website at http://www.gastro-truck.com/index.html.  And go eat there!!!  They show up at many of the food truck gatherings, and are usually out at least once a week for a lunch service.

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