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September 19, 2011

Food Truck Adventures 4 - C&S Brisket Bus

When I was researching all of the food trucks I wanted to try in Orlando, I found that two of them were competing to be on the Food Network for the Great Food Trucks Race.  One was Big Wheel Provisions which I ate at during my first Food Truck Bazaar, and the other was C&S Brisket Bus.  The Brisket Bus was at the Food Truck Bazaar, but I came across Big Wheel first, and the line for C&S was massive.  So I thought I would wait until they were at a lunch location close to me and try them then.
On September 2, 2011 I saw the tweet that C&S would be at the Citgo on University and Metric, the same location I had found The Crooked Spoon at.  unfortunately, since that date, no more food trucks are allowed there so they all have to find a new Friday lunch spot.
I got to the C&S Brisket Bus as soon as it opened.  I was determined not to miss out on the limited items they had.  They had just done the Apopka Food Truck Roundup the night before, and were running low on their supplies.  They did have one item I definitely wanted to try, and that was their Beef N Cheddar. 
They only had few items on their menu.  One was a pot roast, which we did not try, and they also had chopped bbq which we skipped as well, in favor of the Beef N Cheddars. My companion also got a grilled cheese.  They offered a side of fries for $2, but sandwiches were our main focus.
We ended up having a nice conversation with the owner of the truck.  There was only one person ahead of us, and more people did not show up until we had our food.  IT gave us a great opportunity to learn more about the food truck life.  We found out from him that the Maitland Food Pod, which is weekly, only has about 300 to 400 people on average  with 9 trucks or so in service.  But the monthly Apopka Food Truck Roundup had way more people than that, and C&S's line was 50 to 60 people deep at one point, with a 45 minute wait.  That's fairly impressive!  It was interesting and I'd love to have more conversations with food truck owners.
Let's get back to the food.
The grilled cheese looked good, but standard.  I had one bite, and it was simple yet tasty.  Just bread, butter, and cheese.  Our beef and cheddars on the other hand were pretty great!  The beef was moist and tender, and had a very savory beefy flavor.  I like beef that tastes like beef.  This fit the bill.  The bun was soft and easy to eat, which I happen to like in my bread.  There was also delicious sauteed onions and melty, sharp cheddar cheese.  It was a great choice.  This sandwich has my stamp of approval!
The prices were fairly good.  The chopped bbq was either $5 or $6.  The pot roast was $8, the grilled cheese was $5, and our beef and cheddars were $9. 
Visit them when you get a chance!  They cook their meat right, and it's a great place for people who like brisket done right.  Unfortunately their website http://brisketbus.com is down at the moment.  When I visited the site it said it's been down since September 9, 2011.  Hopefully they will have it up soon.  But they do have a twitter and a facebook, so follow them and show your food truck love!

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